Friday, November 21, 2008


On Wednesday I took a Realtors' bus trip to New York City to see "Gypsy." I do this almost every year when they offer it. It is a long day (leaving at 6:30 a.m. and arriving home around 10 p.m.).
Unfortunately, the back half of our bus had no heat so that we shivered most of the way up and back. The city was VERY cold - even the theater was cold. But, the show was good. I had seen the movie starring Natalie Wood. I had a chance to run into St. Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue for a few minutes, stop into Saks and ogle at the prices ($250 for a little winter hat) and then to have lunch at a very good Italian restaurant (mmm, risotta). The tree was up in Rockefeller Center, but not yet decorated.
They showed movies on the bus ride home and I saw "Mama Mia" and "The Devil Wears Prada" which I had never seen. I saw the play "Mama Mia" in New York a few years ago. I love that show.
While I was watching the play I was thinking of how the actors must feel up there with people sitting out there in the dark watching. And to hear the applause and laughter! No wonder movie actors all want to try the stage. I guess if you do a show on Broadway you are REALLY an actor.

Since I now live in a small, laid back town I was interested in watching the people in the city. I guess I am now a country bumpkin!


Willow said...

I've seen the devil wears prada but not the others. I really love watching Shakespearean actors on stage; I've had the privilege of seeing two productions at the Globe in London and some plays at the local university done by teaching British actors. Great stuff!

Sometimes I feel country bumpkinish up here in Ventura Co away from LA now. I enjoy making trips down to LA and soaking in the urban scene.

Willow said...
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