Monday, October 20, 2008


There is nothing exciting going on here lately. Actually, that is not entirely true. The local Jazz Festival was this past weekend. One of the headliners was Joe Piscipo doing his Frank Sinatra impression show. The convention center hosts several acts a day and many of the local restaurants have free jazz shows. To attend the big shows isn't free, though, and since I am being frugal (maybe an overstatement) these days, I didn't go to anything.

Thursday night will be our annual Realtors' Auction. We raise money for needy children to help give them Christmas presents (each child also gets a warm winter coat) and provide money for worthy causes throughout the year. There will be lots of food and silent and live auctions. It is usually a lot of fun -- local real estate companies compete with each other to create the best "basket" that raises the most money during the live auction.

Next week I leave for Massachusetts to visit my daughter. I am looking forward to it so I can catch up with her and with my grandsons. My oldest grandson recently attended a bar mitzvah - by himself. He was invited by one of his classmates. Beth and Dale delivered him to the temple and then picked him up and took him to the country club for the party. He had a new suit on and wore a yarmulke. He commented to his parents that he would no longer complain about Mass at his church being long - the bar mitzvah service lasted three hours. My youngest grandson is starting to take lessons to play an instrument in school - his choice is the bass fiddle. A beautiful instrument, but so big that he isn't allowed on the school bus with it!

I have been thinking about the various bloggers I have enjoyed who have "retired" from the blogging scene. It is interesting how involved we get with each other and how we miss those who aren't "with us" anymore. Life is so busy these days - sometimes it is hard to include everything in our lives.

I have been remembering my trip to Paris two (?) years ago and wondering if I will ever be fortunate enough to return to my favorite place. In memory, here is a photo I took of the Sacre Coeur.
Bon soir!

P.S. Just remembered something my oldest grandson said. He is taking French in school this year (7th grade). When asked why he chose French he said, "Well, you know it is the best language." That's my boy!


Lynne said...

Have a great time with Beth and the boys.

I can't believe it's been 2 years since you and Beth went to Paris.

Cute that #1 grandson is taking French and his comment. Do you think his Grammy had any influence on him?

Jess said...

Do hope you have a safe and wonderful trip to your daughters. And yes french is such a wonderful language!

Have a good rest of the week

Diane@Diane's Place said...

There's not much to blog about here either, but I much prefer mundane to the wrong kind of excitement, as I just commented at Lynne's blog.

Hope you have a great rest of your week! :o)

Love and hugs,


Nan said...

Every time I come by I am filled with awe at that violet. Oh, is it beautiful. Funny how you mentioned 'retired' blogs, I was just thinking about them this morning. There are four that I used to read that aren't going anymore. And I just said to someone the other day that French is the best language!