Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yesterday I talked my husband into driving me out in the country about 25 miles from home to pick up a small hutch that I had found on-line on Craig's List. It was a beautiful day for a drive. I haven't decided whether to paint the hutch or leave it the natural maple. It will go in the kitchen to display more of my "stuff." Do you think I should paint it all one color, paint only the shelves or leave it the way it is?

One reason Ken was willing to drive me in the truck to pick this thing up was that it was near one of our favorite restaurants. It is called Jimmy's Grill and is a real country locals place. For people who know about it, though, travelers coming from Washington, D.C. to the beaches in Delaware like to stop also. Ken and I love their fried shrimp, although they are known more for their fried chicken. I embarrassed him by taking pictures of our food so I could post them here. I had fried shrimp, cole slaw and corn fritters. He had fried shrimp, limas with slippery dumplings (a local thing) and collard greens. They also have the most wonderful homemade rolls. I know all this sounds pretty ordinary, but I guess you have to be there to experience it. Here are the pictures. Yum!


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Thanks for your birthday and anniversary wishes! :o)

I like the shelf as is. I'm not much on painted furniture, especially good pieces that don't need paint to cover imperfections. That's strictly my opinion though, so don't let it stop you from making it into a piece that you really love.

The food looks delicious! I like everything y'all had, and I occasionally make slippery dumplings, but I make them with chicken. I've never heard of them with lima beans or other vegetables.

I do know a few people around here who put cornbread dumplings in their greens, but it doesn't sound appetizing to me at all!

Have a great weekend, V! :o)

Love and hugs,


Willow said...

I agree, I like the shelf the way it is. If the maple matches the rest of your kitchen, just leave it.

The food looks yummy! I'd go for the fried chicken! Do they serve mashed potatoes? Slippery what???

BClark said...

I guess it would depend on how it fit in with what you have. Looks to be in pretty good shape so I would be inclined to leave as is. If painted I would do one color all over with a darker color for accents. Being me I would probably also paint some flowers on it,lol.
Those local places are usually super. There was one in Mass. called Hilltop, great seafood. Lobster pie, yummm. You had to wait for ever to get in, made you really hungry.

Shellmo said...

That hutch is great! Either way would be fine depending on where you place it and the color /scheme of your other items. Your food looked tasty too!

Karen said...

Oh, that food looks so delicious.

I'm one who paints anything that doesn't stand still (thank you for your comment about my yellow, BTW. I've decided at about 4 in the afternoon I absolutely love it! The lighting is perfect at that time.)

For the hutch, yes it's beautiful just how it is. If I were to paint, I would probably do black on the base, but not the doors or the top. You have to really like that look, but I have several pieces of combination stain/paint and I love them. You could also do a different color than black. Very cute piece!

Mary said...


Oh, it all looks delicious. I'm glad you took the photos, but sorry your hubby was embarrassed. I would love to eat there.

Drop by for a visit when you get a chance. I've missed visiting with you and hope now that the apartment is renovated and rented for November 1st, that I will be able to visit my blogging buddies more often.