Monday, September 08, 2008


I attended a funeral today. A man who worked for my husband died suddenly last week. The sad thing is that he had been estranged from almost all of his family for years. And there they were -- mourning his loss. Why is it that it takes a funeral to bring people out who couldn't have been bothered before? It serves as a reminder to me to cherish my friends and family while we are all together on this earth.

The funeral procession traveled (with a motorcyle escort) to a veterans cemetery for the burial. The deceased was a Marine veteran who served in Vietnam. There was an honor guard with the guns and bugle salute. Although I barely knew him, I was in tears. Something about those lost years that could have been spent with family and the fact that he had served his country and it was finally being honored.

Love each other,


Mary said...

Violet Lady,

It's just not worth it to be estranged from family. Though our family has their spats, like all families do, we get over it and things go back to normal.

Many families become estranged and only when someone dies do they get together. They then feel the loss of all the years spent apart because forgiveness wasn't part of their lives.

Thank you for reminding me that life is short. I will pray for that man's family.


Jo said...

This is becoming a common thing among many families today due to greed,and bullheadedness. There are so many today that has to be right about everything and when anyone disagrees with them, then they are cast aside. You are right though about what a shame it is that they realize too late what price is paid.

Flower said...

I have noticed the trend in our society to walk away from people who have been loved. We can be examples of unconditional love and forgiveness. Not all situations are the same and some are very difficult...grace covers a lot of it! It sounds like this funeral spoke loud and clear.

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