Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Quite awhile ago I was tagged for this meme: 7 Oddball Things About Me. I am finally catching up. I can't remember who tagged me it has been that long ago, but here goes:

1. I talk to myself a lot. Sometimes I worry that I have been talking to myself out in public.

2. I learned many years later from an old friend that I was considered very sophisticated and aloof in high school. I remember feeling very shy and very out of place.

3. I often sing and dance when I am home alone (that and the talking to myself -- yup that's me). Actually, I don't necessarily have to be alone to do this.

4. This is not really oddball, but not that common either -- I love poetry.

5. I collect mourning jewelry. These are pieces of jewelry that were generally inspired by Queen Victoria after the death of her beloved Albert. They often braided the hair of the departed loved one and inset it into brooches, lockets, rings, even used it for bracelets and watch fobs. I have some brooches with pictures in them of the loved ones.

6. I like cemeteries.

7. I generally like the company of animals better than people.

Care to share something a little eccentric about yourself? If so, consider yourself tagged!


Morning Glory said...

I talk to myself, too. I really get worried, though, when I start to answer myself as well.

I find cemeteries to be interesting places, especially the very old ones.

Linda said...

Hi Tina, hope all is well and you weren't catching a cold. I enjoyed your meme. I've seen mourning jewelry but it is hard to come by. Have you been collecting it long? I love cemeteries too..especially old one filled with history.
Hugs, Linda

Willow said...

I knew that people made pictures and designs from hair, but I didn't know that the jewelry was called 'mourning jewelry'.

I also found out recently that people would photograph babies and children AFTER they died. Our extended family have photos of our grandma's baby sister and I didn't know until two months ago that the photos were taken after her death.

I too enjoy old cemeteries. There is an old one near Koreatown in Los Angeles close to where I used to live. We liked to walk around and read the headstones. What?? Is that oddball?? No wonder people looked at us funny...

BClark said...

Hello Tina,
I think I may have tagged you for this I know that 2Lmazfarms did a couple. Made me kinda think,lol. I too talk to myself and answer myself and lecture myself. Makes sense to me I know the answers,lol.


PS Thank you for all your kind comments they are appreciated.