Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy New Years everyone!

As I was growing up, it was the custom for Mom and Dad to have champagne and caviar on New Years Eve. They didn't usually go out to celebrate. Linda and I were allowed a taste and then drank our ginger ale to toast in the New Year. I grew up loving caviar. Needless to say, it wasn't Beluga, just the local grocery store variety. It has become my custom to always have champagne and caviar on New Years Eve. Ken doesn't like either, but I manage a glass on my own and I eat the entire jar of caviar. Yesterday I was later than usual in stocking up on a bottle of champagne and the caviar. I went to three stores and could find no caviar! What a disappointment. Well, Ken fell asleep early and I stayed up to see the ball drop. I can't open a champagne bottle myself and didn't want to wake him up, so I had NO caviar and NO champagne. What a different New Years Eve.

Another custom in my family was that when we grew up and left home we would always call home on New Years Eve or Mom and Dad would call us. It was always important for me to never forget to wish them a Happy New Years Eve at the stroke of midnight. I miss doing that. I did talk to Linda last night and my daughter, too, using the new web camera.

Something else done when I was growing up was that Dad would blow his old Boy Scout bugle out the front door at midnight and we would beat pots and pans. Sometimes I would get a broom and "sweep" the old year out the door.

Today was a lazy day. I made the traditional Hoppin' John, which my mother always did. Do any of you make it? The story is that if you make it on New Years Day you will have a year of good luck. If you don't know what Hoppin' John is, it is basically black-eyed peas. I cook them with onion and green pepper and some bacon and serve it with rice. Yum! I hope we all have a year of good luck!


Lynne said...

No champagne and caviar?? Not a good way to start the new year!

I'm glad you got to talk to Linda and Beth. You know, I can picture your Dad blowing the bugle! Just seems like him!

Ashlie was here last night. Shelby was out at a girl friend's house. I made it until about 10:30, but I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

I spent today taking down all the Christmas stuff. I was planning on pork and sauerkraut for dinner, then at the last minute I bought a fresh turkey and made that too, along with some stuffing I had frozen from Thanksgiving. Dom, Donna and Shelby ate turkey, Hank and I ate the pork. Now I have so much food left over!

Happy New Year my dear friend. Hope this next year is a great one for you.

Karen said...

It was fun reading about your traditions. Champagne and caviar -- how neat is that? I've never had black-eyed peas, but it seems to be a tradition for a lot of people. I made pork and sauerkrat today and we just had a relaxing day. Last night we watched the ball drop, but forgot to go out and listen for fireworks. It was freezing cold out anyway.

Happy New Year!

Literary Feline said...

Thank you for sharing your New Year's memories and traditions with us. My mom still expects a call every New Year's Day as soon as it starts at midnight. She went to bed early this year and so called at 10 p.m. instead. I hope you have a great year!

Linda said...

Happy New Year! I enjoyed reading your traditions.
My daughter calls us at midnight and I always open the front and back doors....to let the old year out and the new one in. This is something we just do I think my mom did too. Our relatives in Texas always have black-eyed peas for luck.
Love traditions. Linda

BClark said...

Oh, sorry you did not get to do your usual customs. I can help you out a little with the opening of champagne. Take a dishtowel and put it over the top of bottle, this deflects the cap should it come off early. Undo the wire basket over cork with one hand while holding cloth over top with other. Once you have untwisted the wire carefully remove it. Then with cloth over the top still, grasp the cork, tilt bottle slightly and turn the Bottle. Do this gently, you will release the cork with a slight poof and no foam shooting everywhere. The pictures of corks flying and foam spewing are not what you want to accomplish.

Yes, we must have the Hoppen John, for luck you know!!

Wonderful New Year to you. Barbara

kris said...

What fun traditions you have!! I really like the idea of calling to wish those you love Happy New Year. I may have to start some of these traditions in our family. This year, Mark was in bed before 10 - and at midnight, I was sleeping (HA!) in the guest room with both dogs because the neighbors were shooting firecrackers. I would guess we could do better than that!!

kookiejar said...

My mom makes black eyed peas on New Years, but I hate them, so don't partake.

I like your tradition (even if it didn't work out this year).

I've always heard that you will spend the entire year doing what you did on New Year's Day, so I always spend a good portion of it reading and then I make my favorite dinner (rare steak, baked potato and spinach salad). No point in taking chances. :)

Catherine said...

Lots of wonderful traditions for New years....sorry you missed out on your caviar and champagne..but wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Willow said...

Until this year, I had never heard of cooking/eating black eyed peas for New Year's. Is it a southern tradition? eastern seaboard?

Despite the lack of caviar and champayne, I hope your new year is going well. Here's to a wonderful 2008--cabins, cottages, gardens, safety for our loved ones.

Wild Rose said...

Happy New Year and best wishes for 2008. Sorry to read that you missed out on the champagne and caviar, but I hope that you have had a chance to make up for it.

Marie x

Jo and JD said...

Our Good Luck food always included Pork and cabbage of some sort. It wasn't until I married JD that I learned the tradition of black eyed peas for Good Luck from the south. And of course black eyed peas is one of those dishes that require corn bread. JD says that it is the law that corn bread be served with certain foods. Never let it be said that I broke the law and the corn bread police come and carry me off....lol

Hope your new year is as special as you are.

Linda said...

Just popping by to say hi. Hope your new year is off to a good start.
Finally got all the holiday stuff tucked away and I'm so happy to have that behind me. Take care~Linda