Sunday, December 09, 2007


Just a picture to share with you today, dear bloggers. I took this yesterday when the snow was melting. I had put my Halloween pumpkin in the yard to rot, hoping to get pumpkins next year. (Hey, I heard it works!) When I saw this I immediately ran to get my camera. Honest -- I did not place that leaf there. Mother Nature is truly an artist.


BClark said...

It does work as I discovered by accident. This is much better for the landfills also. Like your picture. Stay warm. Barbara

Jo and JD said...

You are right, Mother Nature is quite the artist and I might add you have quite the eye to appreciate her artistry. I remember a winter many years ago that was so cold and white. By January I found myself saying "I would love a little springtime". One afternoon my son came running into the house begging me to come and look at something. The snow had started to melt and right there in my flower bed was my little bit of spring time. Standing there with all of the pride of a beauty queen winner was a Pansy that refused to go away when the cold snow fell. That was before digital cameras and unfortunately the camera was not loaded with film. But what a photo op that would have been.

kookiejar said...

It's very pretty. You don't see green leaves in the snow very often.

Mary said...

Violet Lady,

What a beautiful photo. I've heard of frost on the pumpkins, but never snow. LOL Please let us know if this works. Seems an easy way to get pumpkins.


Tristi Pinkston said...

Oh, that's lovely! Thanks for sharing!

Willow said...

Isn't that amazing? I'm glad you caught it on film (well, figuratively speaking).
I enjoyed reading your meme, too.