Monday, November 12, 2007


The little house with green trim was almost as familiar to me as my own house a few blocks away. The girl lived there with her parents. She was an only child and had a bedroom to herself. At that time my sister and I shared a room and I considered this girl's bedroom status as one to be greatly coveted. We met each other in sixth grade although she was in a different classroom and it wasn't until later that we became friends. I admired her because she was just plain COOL -- and this was before cool was used in our eleven year old vocabulary. She wore bobby sox with tiny little colored clothespins clipped to the cuffs. How I wanted some of those little clothespins. She was from Philly before she came to our school. That was why she was cooooool. By junior high we were best friends.

There we would sit after school and weekends in her bedroom playing the 45's -- Jimmy Charles' "A Million To One" was one of our favorites. We talked about boys, boys, boys -- what else? Her Mom used to make us Chef Boyardee Instant Pizza which was just as good as what we got from the pizza shop. The girl was the best dancer around and she labored for hours trying to teach me the "mashed potatoes" and "the pony." I know we both can still do them. We went to summer community dances, dances at a nearby rollerskating rink, school dances. Everything back then was about music and boys.

Through crushes, boyfriends, girlfriends and the interruptions of high school, we still maintained our friendship. After high school we attended the same school to be medical secretaries and then we slowly drifted in different directions until finally we lost each other.

Enter, stage left, many years later. I checked out my graduating class and saw her name on their list and if I wanted to get in touch, I could pay $25 to join. There was no question. The girl lives in Georgia and I am in Delaware and we are once again, best friends. We are both married and are grandmothers now, but we will always treasure our history during those wonderful years.

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Our fellow blogger - Lynne at Lynne's Little Corner Of The World.!!!!!!!!!!

Me on the left, Lynne on the right. 40th High School Reunion.

I hope you enjoyed my post today. Remember, if you ever get the chance to meet up with your best friend from years and years ago, you may get lucky like I did.


BClark said...

Boy, you said mashed potatoes and I was immediatly in my girlfriends bedroom trying to master that dance!! Not sure that I ever did, I am one of those enthusiastic dancers, short on technique. She, like your friend had her own room, pink and purple and I was green with envy!! Thank you for the memories.


Karen said...

This is beautiful. I'm lucky to still be in touch with my "best friend since 7th grade." We live close to each other, see each other about once a week and talk on the phone all the time. She is the sister I never had. And I envied her pink and apple green bedroom that she got to share with a real sister!

No wonder you and Lynne are best friends -- you're BOTH so cool! Glad I found you through Bloggville.

Lynne said...

No matter how many years and miles have separated us, you always have been and always will be my best friend.

Love you.

kookiejar said...

That is so sweet. I have a friend who I've known since 2nd grade and I just realized it's been about a month since I've talked to her. I gotta go make a phone call. :)

Mary said...

I'm so glad that you found your friend. Great post.


T*mmy said...

What a wonderful post!

I'm so glad ya'll were able to get back together.

I wish my old best buddy blogged...or was more friendly than she is in old age...which is not much...since school if I don't make the overtures then none are made and that gets sad...but I've made up for it in many friends just like you!

Midlife Cycler said...

Great story...the whole time I was thinking about an old friend that I should get in touch cute the two of you are and share so much history. That is coool!

Linda said...

What sweet memories, and I'm so happy you have reconnected with your friend. I have friends from high school, we talk and get together at least once a month, old friendships are some os the best. Linda

Morning Glory said...

What an awesome story! I loved reading it.

kris said...

From reading your blog and Lynne's, I've known for awhile that you guys are best friends!! I love this post - very sweet.