Thursday, November 29, 2007


Morning Glory from Seeds From My Garden posts Alphabet Soup Day every Wednesday and invites us to share. I am just catching up on blogging today, so here goes:

The Letter today is N. When I started thinking of things in my life with the letter N I kept coming up with words and not things. So let's start with the words I thought of:

NAMBY-PAMBY - Wishy-Washy. Actually I looked up the definition and it has a literary history.
NUANCE - I like this word. It has a delicate sound and meaning.

NEVER NEVERLAND - Where we all want to go at some point in our lives. Hopefully, Peter Pan is there.

NICE - Well, it is always nice to be nice, but even better to be IN Nice.

That is my take on the letter N today. Have a good one, dear bloggers.


Morning Glory said...

That was a fun list. Thanks for your creative take on the N words and for joining in.

BClark said...

N-Nifty, Nice, Neat, why, that's you! Welcome Home.


Karen said...

Well done!

Mary said...

Very imaginative. Thanks so much for sharing.


daffodilly said...

You forgot NANA!