Tuesday, October 06, 2009


What a beautiful weekend we had so I decided to take a little ride around the area and take a few pictures from my car window.  Since my camera hasn't been working right, I used my cell phone camera and they turned out just fine.

The first picture is of a spring along the canal.  The third picture is the unpaved driveway leading to the boatyard where my husband's boat is and the sixth picture is the boat.  The fourth picture is of a ladies entry in the annual "Punkin' Chunkin Contest" right here in Sussex County, Delaware.  It is a strange event, but people come from all over the country (maybe even the world) to participate.  People create giant machines that shoot pumpkins into the air and whoever shoots one the furthest wins.  It is very competitive and I have never attended one of these events, but it is a real big deal here.  Sussex County also has a Scrapple-Apple Festival.  Do you all know what scrapple is? 

Has anyone besides me had difficulty moving pictures around on their post?  I have been trying for two days to do this post.  Apparently Blogger has a new way of posting pictures and it won't let me move things around with any accuracy anymore.  It is a real pain.

I am leaving tomorrow for Pittsburgh with my sister.  We will be visiting an uncle who will be taking us to see Frank Lloyd Wright's "Fallingwater." I have wanted to see this for many years and am really looking forward to it.

See you next week!


Karen said...

My husband and I saw one of FLW's houses in Arizona. It was beautiful and so unusual. Also, I enjoyed the (fictional) account of his life in Loving Frank. It was based on fact, so I guess it's historical fiction maybe? A good read! Enjoy your trip.

Willow said...

Fallingwater! Oh, I'd love to see it! Lucky you!

I've toured FLW's Hollyhock House in Los Angeles. I own at least two volumes of photos of his homes and designs.