Friday, July 17, 2009


ONE thing I am not is a gardener. But a lot of years I do try a few tomato plants and maybe some herbs. Even still, my tomatoes look like they spent some time on Mars. This year I am truly excited, though. Last year I put our Halloween pumpkin in a sunny spot and waited. I have done this before because I heard that if you let your pumpkin rot away on the ground, you may get pumpkins the following year. I have tried it before without any luck. But this year, VOILA! I hadn't looked at the plant for awhile and suddenly there was a long vine traveling rather menacingly towards my neighbor's yard.

I researched pumpkins on the internet and learned that a pumpkin plant contains both male and female flowers. Each flower blooms only for a day. The female flower is fertilized by the male flower by way of our wonderful friends the bees who are gathering pollen. I learned how to identify the female blossoms by the bump that appears at the base of the flower. I immediately checked out my pumpkin plant and at first thought I had no female flowers, only male. As I looked under the giant leaves, however, I was thrilled to see that I have two little green pumpkins growing. I am a very proud mother!

The tomatoes are another story. This one is the only one turning red, but I do have a few green ones. Generally, the three plants are pretty scraggly looking.

This is my mint. I had mint a few years ago in another spot and it was pretty prolific for awhile and then (through my neglect) it died off. Suddenly it appeared again this spring so I moved a little of it to another spot and it has taken off. I know mint can grow like a weed. I don't use it for anything, but maybe some iced tea once in awhile. But it does smell wonderful. I also have some lavender and oregano and basil that is doing so-so.

I know a lot of you out there are wonderful gardeners and I truly admire you. It is so thrilling to see something growing that you can eat or use and you know that you planted it. Obviously, it can be done even on a very small scale as I have done.

How does your garden grow?



Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, look at those baby pumpkins! How cute.

Your tomatoe looks good. Hope you get more. And the mint looks good as well. I have a bunch of mint, too, as it's very prolific, and I love the smell too.

My garden is smallish. I do have lots of tomatoes coming in now from my 10 plants. I had 12 to begin with, but two broke. I also have zucchini and cucumbers. That's the extent of it. I am eating lots of fresh tomatoes, sharing with my friens and one son, who comes to visit every week, since he lives only 200 miles away. I also made some refrigerator pickles, but do not can anymore. I used to. These days, I prefer to be out with my friends, or walking in the woods, to canning!

Happy weekend!


Willow said...

Cute pumpkins! Hurray for you!

I have lots and lots of tomatoes. That's one thing we can grow. I also have a VERY healthy rosemary bush, plenty of mint and parsley. The beans, squash and peas are not doing well.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Girl flowers and boy flowers - I'm picturing them out in the garden, flirting with each other, making plans to sneak off to the drive-in malt shop together ... said...

I'm hoping my mint will start to spread, I have a big, empty area and hear that is just the thing to fill in with.

Anonymous said...

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