Sunday, April 08, 2007


Everyone, have a blessed and peaceful day.

Here is a picture of the egg wreath I made. I got the idea and instructions from a blogger and now I can't find her to give her credit.

I had never used a glue gun before and am not a "crafty" person, but it sure was fun. I was very proud of myself when it was finished. I may be making more visits to Michaels Craft Store.


Lynne said...

Happy Easter! The wreath looks great. The blogger you're looking for might be Gail at More Than a Song. I know that she made an Easter egg wreath for her door.

We had snow flurries here on Friday night! Hello??? This is SPRING!!

kookiejar said...

Nice wreath. I'm a little scared of glue guns, but I do like cross-stitch and scrapboooking. Michael's is a great place for supplies.

Trista said...

That wreath was a great idea. So cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog......I love co-sleeping. To me, it's a great way to bond with your children.